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Friday, January 28, 2011

how to make quick awesome spaghetti

my version of making spaghetti is probably not going to be accepted by chiefs or fancy restaurant anytime soon but it should because its awesome and really quick to make.
things you will need is
spaghetti sauce
ground beef
olive oil
Parmesan cheese
large pot to boil spaghetti
large frying pot or a wok 

so the way i start is with dicing of the onions the smaller the dice the quicker they cook so depending on how you like it do it to your preference.
after you have your onions diced turn the stove on high with your large frying pan on top letting the pot heat up ( 20-30 seconds)
next add a little olive oil to the pan i usually don't use exact measuring tools but if you do a tablespoon is more than enough.
add your onions in the frying pan constantly move the onions around in the pan and and this point the pan should be hot so turn the element down to maybe a little more than half way and keep the mixing the onions until they get a brown color at this time you know its time to add the ground beef.
so now that you have added the ground beef mix this in with the onions and let the meat cook.
the way i determine if the meat is cooked is though color and and how much water is in the frying pan. so by visual if the meat looks pink/reddish this means the meat is still raw what you want to see is the meat a more brown all over look also just because its brown doesn't mean its cooked. after this you want to look out for any condensation in the pan, if you stir the meat around and you see the boiling let the meat cook and this is a sign that your almost done.
now that your meat is cooking fill your pot for the spaghetti with hot water (saves time) and put on the stove to boil once the water is boiling add your spaghetti,cover and let boil.
at this time go back and check your meat if there is no water in the bottom of the pan this is the perfect time to add the sauce in with the meat and turn down the element to low, mix the sauce into the meat and let simmer.
at this time keep checking your spaghetti to your preference,once you spaghetti is done strain the spaghetti and serve.
tip to make it awesome is get a fresh loaf of french bread and it makes cooking worth while.


Brandon said...

I basically do this whenever I make spaghetti. I always just take a bottled sauce and then spice it up with some fresh onion, garlic, mushrooms. Then cook up either beef or sausage to add to it and finally add some extra seasonings. Some red wine is also a nice addition. It brings out alcohol soluble flavors in the tomatoes.

Come At Me Bro said...

I need some now!

Jomak412 said...


Hydrax said...

damn, im hungry now!

Michael J said...

Nice and basic just what i need lol. thanks!

Nick said...

Sounds good! have you ever considered using garlic? that could give it the extra oomph it needs.

Fascist for Fashion said...

I love Italian culture

Evan said...

good stuff man. ill be sure to give it a try.

Tasty said...

Oh my god dude.. Please, NEVER use hot water to cook with!

Hot water erodes metals in your heater and in turn you will be ingesting them!

Google around and you will see what I mean. It's very dangerous and NO ONE should EVER use hot tap water to cook or drink with.

Please look it up! This is your health we're talking about here! :/

baka1236 said...

hmmmmmmm, tasty...

forkfantasy said...

My spaghetti is even simpler. Just boil water, cook noodles, strain, and serve with sauce. :p