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Thursday, January 27, 2011

how to have a "friendly" date for girls and guys

the reason why i put friendly date in the heading is because in the end its all up to you in making the move at the end which is always fun but not always called for, but even if it doesn't get to that point at this time don't worry about it and have fun with the person, go with it and heres a few tips that ive been reading up on and tried myself so i hope this works for you.
First of all things on the to do list is to get in touch with the person txt/call anyway you feel comfortable and also have something already set or at least a idea on what you have in mind for the social get together.
now that you have plans time to look the part and shower and make sure your clean from head to toe so take time in your appearance, also dress appropriately for the occasion you will feel awkward if you show up to the movies in a tuxedo.
now that your ready and its time to meet up my opinion is to meet up at a neutral location, coffee shops are the easiest and most convenient from there its time to break the ice chat a bit and let things slowly build from here. also try keep your options open if you have something planned and they don't fall through know whats happening in your area concerts,poetry slams,carnivals these are all fun things to do. also keep an upbeat attitude throughout the night and keep the conversation exciting and things that both of you can relate to even if you have to tell little white lies in the end there going to like you for a fun night. after the main event don't try and drag out the night but don't leave to abruptly, unless the other person has something in mind this is your way out.
give a reason why you have to go homework,friend with issues anything that makes them say "okay sounds good" will pretty much now here is ur chance to leave on a friend hug or if you know they like you even a kiss its all on good you think the night went.
after that your home free after i leave a few minutes later i like to send a "thanks for hanging out" txt. and usually you get a txt back saying how fun it was and that we should do it again...


DBtG5 said...

I think you need a little proofreading, but the information was great!

Reality Of Dan said...

Now to only to get a date